Qwik Ride QR12R 7 LB


Qwik Ride QR12R 7 LB

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Product Brand: Qwik 
Model Number: QR12R 7 LB
Product Name: Qwik Ride
Product Capacity: 7Ah
Product Warranty: 25+25* Months
Product Manufactured: India



Being renowned as the best battery suppliers in India, Qwik provides the top-quality batteries into the market. If you are in search of the best motorcycle battery for your two-wheeler vehicle, then check out this Qwik Ride QR12R 7 LB motorcycle battery that works with 7Ah product capacity. It delivers good cranking power, works with higher efficiency, lasts long, and available at an affordable price.

Qwik Ride QR12R 7 LB Benefits: –

  • It requires less maintenance.
  • High cranking power.
  • Lasting ability – 25+25 months warranty.
  • Factory charged.
  • Free delivery.

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions148 × 60 × 128 mm
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