Exide Inva Tubular IT 750-200AH


Exide Inva Tubular IT 750-200AH

24,583.00 23,353.85


Product Brand: Exide
Model Number: Inva Master IT 750
Dimension(LxWxH) in MM:
Battery Capacity:200 Ah
Product Warranty42 months free of cost




The Extra adavantages of Buying Exide Battery;

Life Cycle – Promise of 1200 cycles of deep discharge.
Tubular Extra thick gauntlets, suitable for Indian climatic conditions ensures longer life.
Special tubular positive spines cast at 100 bar pressure to enhance corrosion life under extreme situations.
Thick spines and bus bar for excellent discharge performance which provides better life.
Extra top electrolyte for less frequent water topping. Environment Friendly – Micro porous ceramic vent plug ensures minimum acid fumes.
Float guide indicators to show electrolyte level in the battery. Low Maintenance – Special alloy to reduce electrolyte loss.
Batteries specially designed for places with frequent power cuts.
Readily available factory changed batteries reduces commissioning time. Aesthetically designed- Low foot print to suit homes, offices and business center

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