Exide Inva Red 100Plus-100AH


Exide Inva Red 100Plus-100AH

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Product Brand: Exide
Model Number: Inva Red 100+
Dimension(LxWxH) in MM:
Battery Capacity: 100 Ah
Product Warranty: 24 months free of cost



Exide Inva Red 100+ Plus Description

Exide Inva Red inverter batteries use Tubular Technology and have deep cycle design. The Abuse resistant batteries require minimum maintenance and have electrolyte level indicator. InvaRed inverter batteries recharge very fast and are suitable for areas that suffer from frequent and long power cuts. These batteries are designed with thicker positive plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand power outage.


  • 20% Extra Electrolyte – lesser topping up frequency and better thermal management.
  • Tubular technology.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Electrolyte level indicator.
  • Suited for frequent and long power outages.
  • Deep cycle design (800 plus cycles at 80% D.O.D.).
  • Abuse resistant.
  • Faster recharge.
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