Amaron pro 50B20L


Amaron pro 50B20L

4,154.69 3,946.95 exc. GST

Product Brand: AMARON
Model Number: 50B20R/L
Dimension(LxWxH) in MM:
Battery Capacity: 35 Ah
Product Warranty:  30 months free of cost + 30 months pro data


Amaron pro 50B20L

Amaron pro 50B20L battery is made to withstand in diversified weather condition including high temperature zones. This battery is manufactured with the latest equipment under expert supervision for highest level of quality control.


  • This brand of Amaron is completely safe.
  • Advanta paste is used to make the battery long lasting and highly efficient.
  • The battery is high vibration and temperature resistant.
  • It possesses the highest cranking power.
  • SilvenX alloy is used to make it high corrosion resistant.
  • It is available with 60 months warranty.

It keeps the owners absolutely relieved and saves money to a great extent, since it needs almost zero-maintenance.

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