Amaron AAM-GO-00135D31R


Amaron AAM-GO-00135D31R


Product Brand : Amaron
Model Number : AAM-GO-00135D31R
Product Name : GO
Product Capacity : 90 Ah
Product Warranty : 0-24 months free + 25-44 months Pro-Rata
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Amaron Go batteries are renowned as the perfect option for the Indian cars available in the market. With 90 Ah battery capacity and world-class technology, this Amaron AAM-GO-00135D31R car battery is manufactured under high-end manufacturing equipment. It provides high cranking power, long life and thus, delivers efficient performance.

Amaron AAM-GO-00135D31R Benefits:

  • No maintenance is needed.
  • Factory charged – available in ready to use condition.
  • High heat tolerance.
  • Delivers high cranking power.
  • Longer lifespan.
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