Amaron 85 Ah Battery | AAM-GO-00105D31R


If you are planning to buy the best Amaron 85 Ah battery online, then check out the different products available in Amaron GO batteries family. This is the one with Amaron product capacity and model number AAM – GO – 00105D31R that works with high cranking power and very low maintenance. Furthermore, this Amaron GO Hi-life car battery is manufactured and developed with the world-class technology and high-end materials that helps it last long with 36 months warranty period.

Amaron 85 Ah Battery | AAM – GO – 00105D31R Benefits: –

  • High heat technology.
  • Premium silver alloys (SILVEN X).
  • Low corrosion.
  • No top-ups.
  • Largest cranking power.
  • Factory charged.
  • Maintenance-free.
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