Amaron 180 AH Battery | HC180D04R


Amaron 180 AH Battery | HC180D04R

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Product Brand: Amaron
Model Number: HC180D04R
Product Name: HI – Way
Product Capacity: 180 Ah
Product Warranty: 18+6 Months Free


If you are looking for the best truck battery for your vehicle, then Amaron 180 Ah Battery with model number HC180D04R is the one. As your commercial vehicle has to undergo harsh climatic conditions and rough terrains, it is necessary to use the most suitable, highly effective, and a superior truck battery that is available in the market. Check the required battery specifications for your vehicle and if this is the one that suits, then buy now.

Amaron 180 Ah Battery | HC180D04R Benefits: –

  • High cranking power.
  • Designed and developed with advanced technology.
  • Lasts long with the product warranty of 18+6 months.
  • Free delivery is available.
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