Amaron 100 Ah Battery | AAM-PR-600048076-DIN100


Amaron 100 Ah Battery | AAM-PR-600048076-DIN100


Product Brand : Amaron
Model Number : AAM-PR-600109087
Product Name : PRO
Product Capacity : 100 Ah
Product Warranty : 0-36 months Free + 37-66 Months Pro-Rata
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If you are looking for the best car batteries in the market, then Amaron 100 Ah battery AAM – PR – 600048076 – DIN 100 will be one of them in the list. This Amaron car battery has a capacity of 100Ah and thus, it is designed and developed under the world-class manufacturing unit. Furthermore, Amaron car battery 100Ah has low corrosion-resistant, high cranking power, and does not require any maintenance. It is being developed under strict quality control parameters and lasts long with the product warranty of 66 months.

Amaron 100 Ah Battery | AAM – PR – 600048076 – DIN 100 Benefits: –

  • No topping-up is needed and thus, lowers corrosion effect.
  • Provides largest cranking power.
  • It can tolerate high vibration and high temperature.
  • Lasts long.
  • Free delivery is available.
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